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Blocked Drains Specialists In Brisbane North

We can unblock your drain at any time of the day or night with our 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE – When it comes to quality and dependability you can rely on us.


Do you have a blocked drain? Call now for:

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Call us for your trained professional today! 1300 16 16 15

At AC Plumbing we know how frustrating a blocked drain can be for our North Brisbane customers.
We see many blocked drains in our travels, from blocked bathroom drains, blocked kitchen drains, external drains that are blocked and just general household drains. In fact, they’re one of the most common plumbing issues we see in Brisbane. It is critical that any drain blockages are rectified immediately! One of our fully trained, professional plumbers will come to your home to rectify the issue before, any more, potential health hazards or damage can be caused by sewer spillage. Signs of a blocked drain include:-

  • Puddles of water around the outside of the house when it hasn’t been raining
  • Patches of lawn that are greener than other areas of the lawn
  • Toilets that take a long time to empty
  • Toilets fill up before they empty
  • Drains take a long time to go down
  • Overflowing downpipes
  • Concrete cracks that have water seeping out of them
  • Toilets, sinks or showers backing up
  • Grates outside overflowing
  • Gurgling from pipes, toilets or other plumbing fixtures
  • Foul smells coming from drains or plumbing fixtures

We can unblock your drain at any time of the day or night with our 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE. When it comes to quality and dependability you can rely on us.

What causes blocked drains in Brisbane?
We see many homes throughout the Brisbane northside with blocked drains and here are some of the main causes:-

Debris and Foreign Objects
We see a range of different items that can cause a drain or pipe to become blocked. From materials such as hair, fat and food build up through to tree roots getting into the pipe system and causing a blockage. We see many toilets that get blocked due to too much toilet paper, and all manner of other items (usually kids toys or full rolls of toilet paper thanks to ankle-biters!).

Broken Pipes
Broken pipes can be caused by a number of things. Usually we see broken or cracked pipes and fittings caused by land subsidence or ground movement, poor installation, heavy vehicular traffic or deterioration of old pipework. If a pipe breaks it can cause a collapse or obstruction in the pipe where solids can build up, causing a blockage. These cracks or breaks can then lead to tree root invasion.

Tree Roots
Tree roots are the most common cause of a blocked drain. However the roots are very rarely the cause of the initial problem. A drain is usually broken by ground subsidence, ground movement, heavy vehicular traffic poor installation or deterioration over time. This causes the drain to leak and leak nutrient rich water into the surrounding soil. This consistent source of water and nutrients attracts the roots from nearby flora which penetrate the drain and thrive. The only way to properly and permanently fix the issue is to repair the broken drain.

DIY Gone Wrong
With DIY on the rise in Australia, it makes sense that more and more home owners are going to have a crack at installing their own plumbing and pipes. What many people don’t realize is that installing drains incorrectly can be a serious health risk. Performing unlicensed plumbing work carries substantial fines to protect the health and safety of our community.

Unblocking a drain can be a difficult and hazardous process, which is best avoided unless you are a trained professional. Blockages are more complex than you think. Using a skilled professional who carries the right equipment is imperative to finding the root cause of the blockage, making the process quick and seamless, preventing further damage to the drain and ultimately saving you money.

More serious blockages such as tree roots, collapsed sewer lines and broken pipes require more specialized equipment. Our plumber may use a high pressure Water Jetter that self propels itself through the pipe, cleaning any obstacles such as roots that are in the way. The Water Jetter is much more gentle on the internals of your pipes compared to another commonly used machines like the Electric Eel, and can be used to thoroughly clean all internals of your pipes. In some circumstances an electric eel must be used. Our professional tradesmen ensure both of these machines are brought to all blocked drains as well as other drain cleaning equipment and substances. This ensures we clear your blockage in the best way possible.

We use our CCTV drain camera to inspect your drains and pinpoint the cause of the blockage and any other potential issues. Our locator can then accurately indicate where in your pipework the damage lies. Allowing us to excavate and repair the problem with minimal impact on your property, your life and your hip pocket.

What you can do

If you don’t mind the smell or the thought of attempting to clear a blockage yourself, there are a few things you can try:

Blocked toilets:
Often toilets can be blocked with paper and will only require a quick plunge with a plunger to solve the problem. Be careful not to allow the toilet bowl to overflow and keep your face away to avoid getting splashed.

Blocked sinks, basins, showers and floor grates:
These fixtures can often be clogged with any of a number of things including hair, food scraps, grease and soap build up. These blockages can often be cleared with a plunger or with products like ‘Drain-o.’

If you have more serious blockages, particularly when multiple fixtures are affected or a blockage keeps re-occurring. Call us before it gets out of hand. We prioritize blocked drains because of the inconvenience and health risk they cause. We carry the latest technology drain clearing equipment, including our own drain camera and location equipment. You can be assured we will get your drain flowing and find the cause of the problem fast!

What not to do
Never attempt to solve your own plumbing problem. You should always leave the job to a qualified licensed plumber. Unfortunately we have been called to countless attempts by people who have tried to solve issues themselves, or worse, have hired a cheap handyman who does not possess the right skill, knowledge or equipment to do the job, only to realize the issue persists or has become worse, costing them more money in the long run.

If you have a re-occurring blockage, insist on having your drain inspected with a Drain Camera so that the cause of the blockage is identified and located. Our tradesman always offer this service with our drain clearing service because we know it is the most important step to prevent further issues. Ask for the ‘Drain combo’ to SAVE $$$

Simply call our local office today, we will try to answer any queries you may have about the issue. We are always available to discuss our customers plumbing and gas fitting needs. Whenever you are in need of a trained professional plumber you can count on AC Plumbing. Our friendly professional staff will do the job right the first time. Call us today, don’t delay.

We are the experts

CCTV drain camera – blocked drains

Call us now to arrange for one of our local professional plumbers to attend your property; we are the experts in all areas of maintenance plumbing. One of our qualified plumbers will attend to the job and resolve your blocked drain. We will send a friendly professional plumber to you who will assess, repair or replace the faulty item as soon as possible.

You can contact us for emergency’s any time of the day or night on 1300 16 16 15. For all non-emergency’s please use our contact us form on our website or call between our office hours 7:30am to 3:30pm.

Need your drain unblocked? Call us now 1300 16 16 15