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Gas Fitting

If You Smell Gas? You need a Gas professional ASAP!

You could have a gas leak and not even know it. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and can cause fatalities when left undetected. Children can be overcome by fumes faster than adults. Gas leaks are serious and cause fire,explosions and deaths across Australia every year. Don’t let this happen to you – call us today.



A common indication of a gas leak is the smell of rotten eggs. This scent is added to gas as a warning measure to aid in the detection of a leak. Another way of checking for a leak is to turn off all your gas appliances and look at the gas meter to see if it is still ticking over. You can also spray soapy water onto suspect pipes or fittings to check for a leak. Bubbles indicate that a leak is present.


If you locate a leak be sure to turn off your gas supply immediately and call:
1300 16 16 15.


Gas Leaks

If you smell gas or you believe you have a leak, call 1300 16 16 15 immediately.
Knowing the serious nature of a gas leak our professional tradesman will come to your residence immediately to locate and rectify the leak. Leaving you feeling safe and reassured in your home.

Gas appliance installation


The team at, AC Plumbing, are highly trained in the installation of gas appliances while maintaining complete safety to your home and business. Whether it be a new or existing home or business our tradesman are highly qualified in the fitting of new gas lines and the replacement and upgrading of existing lines. Safety is always paramount to our tradesman when dealing with gas. You can rest assured you and your family are in safe hands with AC Plumbing


Gas System compliance certificates

Always insist on receiving a Gas System Compliance Certificate when a new gas system has been installed or when modification`s have been made to your existing gas system. Compliance certificates certify that any work done reaches the Australian standard, in gas fitting. And that work has been completed by a licensed gas fitter.


Some potential risks you may face if you have work done by a unlicensed gas fitter and/or no gas certificate has been issued:
  • Explosion or fire from a gas leak
  • Void your insurance
  • Void appliance warranties
  • Unable to have your gas connected or bottles installed or replaced
  • Have current gas supply disconnected
  • High risk to your house holds safety
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