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You hear a strange noise coming from your pipes and then come across a puddle of water. Your pipe has burst! What should you do now?

Burst pipes are common and can happen for many reasons. Most of the time, pressure has built up inside the pipe, leading to a burst.

Before attempting to fix your burst pipe yourself, turn off your main water supply line. Then, please read below for common reasons for broken pipes and how to repair them.

Common Reasons for Broken Pipes

Pressure: A lot of times, burst pipes stem from high water pressure. If there’s a banging noise coming from your pipes, it’s a sign that your pipes are under too much pressure. High pressure can happen if the water pressure coming from the supplier to the house is high.

Environment: You may be wondering what the environment has to do with bursting or leaking pipes. A major environmental factor that affects pipes can be tree roots. If your home is near large trees, their roots may have expanded far enough to reach your water pipes, potentially causing damage.

Cold: During the winter season, water in your pipes is subject to freeze. When water freezes, it takes up more space than free-flowing water does. Therefore, frozen pipes can expand and burst, causing damage to your home.

Bad pipes: If your house is older, that probably means your pipes are, too. Older pipes erode over time, causing the piping material to get thinner and, eventually, bursting at the weakest spot.

Blockage: Clogged pipes can cause blockages that result in built-up pressure. If your pipes are clogged and a blockage forms, this situation can cause the piping material to crack under pressure, leading to leaks and water damage.

Poor installation: Sometimes, your burst pipes are due to none of these reasons. The problem could simply be poor plumbing services and installation that have hurt your pipes, leading to leaks and damage to your home.

How to Repair a Burst Water Pipe

As we mentioned above, always turn off your main water supply line before repairs. Here are the directions to repair a burst water pipe using a clamp and sleeve:

  1. After turning off your water supply, gather your clamp and sleeve supplies. Take the metallic file and file down rough surfaces of the pipe around the ruined section.
  2. Place the rubber sleeve around the burst pipe. Make sure the clamp is in the opposite direction of the damaged part of the pipe, only after the sleeve is around the pipe.
  3. Place the metallic clamp around the sleeve.
  4. Take a screwdriver to secure the clamp with its screws. Then turn on the water supply and observe for any leaks. If a leak continues, restart the process but move the sleeve slightly.
  5. After repairing your leaking pipe, make sure to get your pipe replaced as soon as possible. You never know if the leak could come back, which can raise your water bill.

Are your pipes needing replacement? For 24-hour professional plumbing services, call your local plumbing experts at AC Plumbing of Brisbane at (07) 3088 9092.

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Steve Goodwin


Contacted by Facebook 7pm to ask about fixing a concealed leak. Responded almost immediately, organised to come out next day. Turned up earlier, found the leak quickly and fixed that, as well as upgrading some taps, and replacing a water pump…
Megan Fisher


The AC team were great. From the very first phone call with Leanne to Andrew turning up the team were professional and friendly. Andrew made helpful observations and did a great (and fast) job of getting the job done.
Kevin Perry


Highly recommend. I called AC Plumbing at 11:30am to get a quote on replacing a Hot Water system. They were there in 30 minutes and the quote was very reasonable. I booked with them straight away and the job was done in under 4 hours…
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