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Make Your Hot Water System Last Longer through DIY Techniques

One of the last things people want to spend money on is a new hot water system. Even in sunny Brisbane,
where a cool shower is sometimes okay, very few people have the spare money just sitting around to
splurge for a new system if the old one kicks the bucket.

But a few DIY techniques and some simple tips could make all the difference to your knowledge and to
saving you a few dollars. Looking after your Brisbane hot water system can lengthen its life and also help
you conserve water – better for the environment in the longer term and much better for your hip pocket.
Before you roll your eyes and perhaps shudder a little at the idea of learning some basic plumbing tips, it is
easier than you think.

And with a little more knowledge you’ll have a better understanding of your system and what it can do,
and you will be able to take better care of it as well as identifying potential problems before they can cause
costly damage.

If your hot water system could talk it would let you know when it was getting close to retirement. By
knowing what to look for and paying attention to the signs you can pre-empt your system shutting down.
Hot water systems (even in Brisbane) are doing very well if they last longer than ten years. It will help you
to predict if you need a new system soon by knowing the age of the old one – which you can tell from the
unit number listed on the unit.

Changes in your water are also a very good sign that your system is getting old. If your water feels cooler
than usual, takes longer to heat up, or the hot water runs out faster than it should, you might need to look
into a new service.

If the water changes colour as well, this is another sign. Rusty water may indicate corrosion either in the
tank or of the sacrificial anode rod that is in the tank specifically to attract corrosive elements. If you know
how to check and replace this rod you can lengthen the life of the tank and ensure clear water for years to

Check your hot water system to make sure it is in a sound condition. Any signs of dripping, leaks, or
moisture around the service can be another sign it is getting to the end of its life.
If you hear banging and complaining coming from your system as it heats up, this is yet another way it is
trying to speak to you. This is the system trying to work harder to do what it used to find easy – and trying
to tell you it would like to retire soon.

And if you need to hold a retirement party for your hot water system in Brisbane, call AC Plumbing Qld to
help you arrange it.

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